Whether it’s camping or glamping, if it’s your first holiday under canvas or in a caravan or motor home you have lots to think about.

Pitching your tent in the garden to try a night out before your main holiday is a good start.

Make your first trip a local one. This cuts fuel costs and gives you all of the site facilities with the comfort of knowing that if anything should go wrong you can be home within the hour.

Take your own food. Campsite shops are great for the odd thing, but too expensive to use for your entire needs. A cool box, freezer blocks and reusable water bottles will cut waste and save money.

If you’re using your own equipment hit the sales that are now on. Regular campers tell me that a good quality tent, tall enough to stand up in, will serve you well. Don’t be fooled by manufacturers’ size guides – if they say it’s a four-man tent it will be snug. Opt for the next size up and you’ll appreciate the extra space.

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The Camping and Caravanning Club offers an amazing range of benefits, deals and information. Membership starts at £40 per year – campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/

If you are using a motor home there are dozens of free camping spots, which are usually odd bits of land or car parks which have relaxed rules about overnight stays.

Visit http://bit.ly/2XWvtWs, a blog site which provides answers to FAQs.

Finally, a list of essential odds and ends:

Plastic bags for wet clothes, wellingtons and rubbish;

Gaffer tape for temporary repairs;

Wet weather games to keep the kids entertained;

A couple of home-frozen meals will help on the first day or so.

Fingers crossed for drier weather!