A COUNCILLOR has hit out at the Conservatives over a series of roadshows he says are a “waste of public money.”

Labour councillor Richard Udall says that plans for roadshows at several events across the county, aimed at showcasing various initiatives by Worcestershire County Council, are being used by the ruling Conservative party to promote their policies.

Cllr Udall said: “These roadshows are nothing more and nothing less than the promotion of the political policies of the controlling Conservative Party, they do not explain how to contact councillors, how to complain, how to seek advice, they are about policy promotion.

“They are a political circus, paid for by council tax payers.

“Alternative policies and alternative views will not be on display, the opposition groups have not been consulted about content; it’s all about the political promotion of the Conservative Party.

“It is a total abuse of power and a waste of public money.

“I want to know just how much these road shows are costing, who approved them and why they have political content, the money could clearly be better spent on the vulnerable and on public services.”


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The roadshows are taking place at several different events across the county and are intended to inform members of the public about the new Worcestershire Children First service, which is a new council-run company set up to deliver children’s services.

Explaining the roadshows, Simon Geraghty, leader of Worcestershire County Council said: “Our resident roadshows are a really valuable part of how the council engages with people across the county.

“It’s really important for us to take the time to listen to our local communities, and to share with them our plans for the county.

“This year we will be talking to them about the major projects that are underway such as the new railway station for the county: Worcestershire Parkway.

“We will be encouraging people to plan better for their older age and explaining more about Worcestershire Children First which is a council-owned company that will be delivering services to the county’s children and young people from this autumn onwards.”

Last summer, five roadshows were held and council staff were joined by councillors from multiple political parties.

Events were held around the county including in Tenbury, Bewdley and in Redditch.

The first roadshow this year is at this year’s West Fest in Malvern, on Saturday, June 29.

For more information about the roadshows go to www.facebook.com/YourWorcestershire