MYSTERY surrounds the closure of a popular fish and chip shop in Worcester.

There is a sign on the shop front of Ambleside Fish Bar from the Specialist Enforcement Unit notifying customers that the fish and chip shop has been closed.

According to the fish bar’s website, it says the shop in Ambleside Drive has been ‘permanently closed.’

The notice, which was issued on Saturday, says: “Enforcement officers have today taken possession of the property… Pursuant to an order of the High Court of Justice.

“Any unauthorised person entering these premises is liable to arrest and imprisonment.”

Customers are saddened after discovering the Ambleside Fish Bar has closed down.

Andy Prosser said: “Lovely people, great chippy, massive portions, so why has it shut?

"Something has gone wrong and I hope they can sort it out.”

Paul Ware said: “This is so sad. Guaranteed the best chip shop in Worcester, not only for ginormous portions but they were always friendly unlike some of the other local chippies.”

Keith Hunt, who asked the staff from Ambleside Fish Bar to provide food to his guests on his wedding day, said: ”Shocked and saddened by this news. Ambleside was by far the best chippy in Worcester. Huge portion sizes and great banter from Tony and Andy.

"I truly hope that this isn't the end for the Ambleside.”

Chris Harris said: “Gutted and shocked as Ambleside chip shop was the best in Worcester and has been for many years.

"I remember going as a young lad and Tony and Andrew’s approach to customers never changed. So funny and their portion sizes were very generous.

"Absolutely gutted and hope they return. So many memories and it really is an end of an era.”

Darren Hughes said: “Best chip shop in Worcester, most hard working business family and dear friends. Very sad to hear let’s hope this is only temporary.”


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