THIS is the heartwarming moment a teacher sees a sick pupil join his classmates for registration - from his hospital bed.

Oscar Saxelby-Lee, aged five, has been battling T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia since December.

Oscar has recently undertaken a bone marrow transplant and is recovering at Birmingham’s Children Hospital.

But, thanks to a charity supplying Oscar with robot-like equipment called AV1, he can now use a computer tablet to chat with his classmates at Pitmaston Primary School, in Worcester.

The equipment - nicknamed Ozzybot - means Oscar can now attend school and interact with his class for the first time in six months.

Oscar's reception teacher Sarah Keating was delighted when Oscar was able to answer his name from hospital.

READ MORE: Robot lets Oscar Saxelby-Lee 'attend' school from hospital bed

Kate Wilcock, the school’s headteacher said: “It’s a fantastic piece of equipment and technology that enables Oscar to feel part of the class.

“It has been really emotional for us to see Oscar during his first school registration after not seeing him in class since December.

“The class teacher made Oscar do the register twice as it was so exciting. The whole class cheered.

“Since the Ozzybot, it has been used all around the school and Oscar has watched the class assembly and also seen part of the school’s sports day.

“Knowing Oscar is in isolation, for him to see his friends and teacher is really magical.”

Classmates can hear Oscar's voice while the robot sends a live video to a computer tablet, allowing Oscar to see into the classroom and take part in activities from his hospital bed.

You can watch the class teacher’s reaction, Mrs Keating, and peers after seeing their friend Oscar for the first time on the Worcester News story online.

Oscar’s device was funded by the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust.

It costs £900 to sponsor an AV1 machine for three months for a child. Email for more details.

To donate to the Grace Kelly Trust’s AV1 fund visit


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