A TELEPHONE box in Powick which has been adopted by a care charity has been officially opened by an actor from the TV series that inspired it.

The box has been adopted by the Worcestershire branch of Crossroads Caring for Carers, whose patron is Tony Adams who played the character Adam Chance in the TV soap Crossroads,

In 1973, the soap featured a storyline where a character had a car crash and was paralysed, and had go be cared for at home by his mum.

ATV, the company that made Crossroads, was inundated by viewers wanting to find out more about home care, and in 1974 donated £10,000 to set up a pilot project with the aim of supporting family-based carers in a practical way and Crossroads Caring for Carers was born.

The phone box is one of those which was made redundant by British Telecom, and Worcestershire Crossroads Caring for Carers bought it for £1 and has now transformed it into an information and recruitment point.

Mike Garrett of the charity said: “It’s of a crossroads, appropriately enough, and we have filled it full of information about us and what we do, and how people can get in touch to help us.

“The aim is to attract the attention of passers-by who can hopefully be persuaded to support us.”

Crossroads Caring for Carers is among the county’s leading charities offering practical support for family-based carers and people with care needs.

A spokesman said: “We care for people, not for profit, and we work with several hundred individuals and their families. We help family-based carers to make a life of their own, outside of caring.”