RESIDENTS in a village near Worcester are divided over the length of their grass verges.

Rushwick has many grassy areas which line the sides of roads, including the main Bransford Road thoroughfare.

Gill Robinson, 69, said: “I’m all for leaving the verges as they are.

“The verges are a wildlife haven and should be left as they are and trimmed every so often.”

Some residents have commented on the Rushwick Village News Facebook page on the issue.

Margaret Taylor said: “We look like the forgotten village.

“I have lived here 36 years and have never seen it looking so bad.

“We have no chance of keeping our gardens weed free when there are so many seeds blowing around.”

Keeley Charles added: “I love the more natural look as it’s much better for wildlife.”

Tracy Heywood said: “It looks a disgrace. I have never seen the grass verges along the Village look such a mess.

Malvern Hills independent cllr Daniel Walton, said: “The weather hasn’t helped - we’ve got hedgerows overgrown and verges longer than they would be now but the Parish Council were aware and I know flagged it with the County Council who I know will have been busy to sort this across the county.


Worcestershire County Council

spokesman said : “The council is responsible for cutting the verges on over four thousand kilometres of highway across the county and this is usually carried out at least twice a year. "The first cut was in May and the second cutting phase begins today [June 24].

The verges in Rushwick will be cut during this second phase."

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