VISITORS to Worcester were shocked to see a man urinating against a railway station wall and then riding off on a Segway down the street.

Hannah Tolley took these images of the man behaving bizarrely when her family visited the city to celebrate her son’s fifth birthday.

She said: “He was urinating in broad daylight without a care in the world at all, and with a smirk on his face afterwards.”

Miss Tolley who came across the man urinating on Foregate Street around 8pm last Thursday while with a group of young children, said the man swore at her partner Aaron Loveridge after he confronted him.

Mr Loveridge said he told him his behaviour was wrong and described the way he was acting as ‘disrespectful.’

He said: “I wanted to hit him, but was a better person by walking away.

“I do not like people who are disrespectful in front of kids.”

Miss Tolley was heading back from Q Panda in Cathedral Square where she had enjoyed a meal with her partner, her son, her friend and her friend’s children, when they passed the man outside Foregate Street Station.

As well as Miss Tolley’s son, the group who had travelled from Kidderminster for the dinner included a six year old, a seven-year-old, a 10-year-old and an 11-year-old.

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Miss Tolley said the incident did not spoil the family occasion, adding: “We like Worcester. The bloke was just out of order and I wanted to warn (people) in case he does it again.”

Miss Tolley has reported the incident to police. Worcester News contacted them about the issue but they were unavailable for comment.

The department of transport says it is illegal to use any powered transporters, including segways on pavements and in cycle lanes.

It is also illegal to ride them on a public road without complying with a number of stringent legal requirements.

Anyone who doesn’t meet them is committing a criminal offence and can be prosecuted.

It is legal to use a powered transporter on private land

with the permission of the land owner.