A HOME is set to be demolished to make way for eight new homes on a large unkempt garden.

The large two-storey detached home known as Mayfields in Malvern Road would be knocked down and replaced with a mix of detached and terraced homes.

The plan by Lockley Homes would see the new homes sit next to the three-storey care home Stanhope Court.

An original plan to build a three-storey apartment block at the rear of the site was dismissed by planners at Worcester City Council in favour of the terraced and detached homes.

The existing entrance to Mayfields would be widened and extended to reach the rest of the homes.

The garden at the back of Mayfields has largely been unkempt having previously been occupied by a tennis court built in the 1960s.

The new homes would be built in a Georgian style to keep them in character with the rest of the homes in Malvern Road.

Hedgerows and trees around the boundary of the existing garden would be kept and incorporated alongside the new homes.

Surrounding homes cannot see into the garden at Mayfields and building new homes would not have a detrimental effect on neighbours, according to documents submitted with the planning application.

A plan to demolish the county’s old school library service in nearby Sherwood Lane and build nine new homes was recently rejected by city council planners.

The plan was first deferred in April to give the developer a chance to put forward more sympathetic designs and number of neighbours had objected to the plan over loss of privacy.

Residents again raised concerns over a loss of privacy before the plan was refused at the meeting of the city council’s planning committee on June 20.