SPACE for a new shop is set to be built in an unused doorway - in a bid to stop homeless people from sleeping in it.

An 'unsightly' entrance - formerly to the old Lychgate Shopping Centre - had remained in Pump Street despite a multi-million pound development.

The entrance to the shopping centre - also known as Cathedral Plaza has remained closed and covered with metal security shutters for at least 18 months.

The entrance had largely been left as it was before the £20 million Cathedral Square development which officially opened in July 2017.

And now Salmon Harvester, who own Cathedral Square, want to build a small kiosk of 20 square metres in the space following recent issues with rough sleepers.

Salmon Harvester said it wanted to clean up the entrance to make it presentable for potential suitors and attract as wide a range of retailers as possible.

Pump Street had become a draw for some rough sleepers - who had used the empty doorway of what was Multiyork furniture store after it closed.

However, Cllr Lynn Denham, who represents Cathedral and is vice chairman of Safer Worcester, said she had not been made aware of any specific issues with rough sleepers in the Pump Street doorway recently.

She said: “I do welcome any new opportunity for businesses in the city and any increase of the trade offer on the High Street.

“I guess this means that Pump Street is on the up.

“However, it is really sad if that doorway is being used as a home for rough sleepers to sleep.

“It is sad that anybody should be living on the streets in Worcester and I am sure the respective agencies will be helping and supporting whoever is sleeping rough on the streets.”

A tenant has yet to have come forward to Salmon Harvester but the hope is refurbishing the new space would prove attractive for retailers to fill the new unit and the other neighbouring empty units in Pump Street.