NEARLY 200 people have chipped in to a fund to help a dying mum make memories with her family in the time she has left.

The funding page was set up so mum-of-four Michelle Ives could enjoy her last days with her family.

Initially friends were hoping to raise £4,000, but within days it had reached nearly £11,000.

Mrs Ives was diagnosed with melanoma 10 years ago and was in remission for five years but was told that the cancer had returned and was at an advanced stage two and a half years ago.

Although she has had more 50 tumours in her brain treated with radiation therapy, she has rejected further radiation because it poses massive risks.

Instead, she wants to make the most of the time she has left while she is still well enough.

Mrs Ives, from Littleworth, near Worcester, said: “So many people have donated. It has been really overwhelming all the support I have received.

“The time I have left is very limited. I want to have time with my family.”

The 45-year-old has undertaken four sessions of non-invasive surgery, CyberKnife, which enables high doses of radiation to treat the tumours.

Mrs Ives, who studied Mental Health Nursing at Worcester University, said: “I’m the only person who’s had this treatment four times. They can’t treat any more tumours though because of where they are.”

She has been offered whole-brain radiation but has declined due to the ‘massive risks’ involved and possible side effects, which include losing the ability to walk or talk, chronic fatigue and hair loss.

She said: “It would affect the quality of my life. The radiation may give me days, weeks, month, or maybe nothing. It would be too much a gamble.”

Dawn Symons, who created the funding page, said: “One thing we love about our Michelle is how she is the life and soul of any get together and has a natural ability to make people laugh. She will always find the positives of any situation in life, including her battle with cancer. She has fought a brave battle, showing such courage, strength of character and as always, embraced her situation with grace and positivity.”

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