THE cabinet member for county highways has defended the decision to scrap plans for parking restrictions on a “problematic” road, despite years of campaigning from residents.

Worcestershire County Council opened a public consultation in relation to restricting parking times in and around Topham Avenue in The Harleys area of Warndon Villages, but only received 19 formal approvals to 23 objections.

This was despite long-term campaigns from the likes of resident Grant Hughes, who, as reported previously, described the road as an “accident waiting to happen”.

“I have already complained to highways many times and did not expect to have to write in and approve about something we have been asking for for years,” he said.

The council’s proposal was to prohibit on-street parking for one hour between 11am and midday on weekdays, which would be delineated by a single yellow line where there is no restriction.

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Councillor Alan Amos, cabinet member for highways said a 28-day consultation saw two thirds of respondents “opposed [to] the scheme”.

The councillor said the consultation examined the feasibility of implementing a wide-scale Traffic Regulation Order to address the parking issues, and was advertised in the press, as well as by letters and on lamp-posts.

“We have listened to residents’ feedback on the current proposals and consequently we’re not implementing any changes at this time,” he added.

Mr Hughes and Warndon councillor Andy Roberts had said the TRO would have been a good start, but would have needed to be followed by further measures.