SIR – Further to the news report regarding myself at Worcestershire Royal Hospital at the moment (Stress and hassle, July 4), I have to use crutches to walk and I was on my own in the car.

One commenter seem to think disabled people should be flogged; another calls me by my mother’s name (an old chestnut, made me laugh); another thinks it’s about money which it is not.

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Prior to my accident, I was a driver for Community Action and hopefully will be able to return.

I have taken many patients to all local hospitals and I can assure you Worcester is, to say the least, the most difficult with parking.

Just in case someone replies asking why I did not use community transport, I had an urgent appointment made by telephone the previous day for which I am most grateful.

I know hospital staff are doing a wonderful job under the most difficult conditions we are at the moment 4,000 nurses short, I have been told.