WORK to install new traffic lights on one of the city’s busiest junctions caused long delays and disruption last week.

Frustrated drivers have complained the short time between light changes and lane closures in Bath Road meant right turns into Sidbury were causing massive disruption and delays of more than 20 minutes to move through the already busy junction.

Lane closures at the Bath Road and Sidbury junction restricted what was usually two lanes to a single one preventing drivers from turning both directions into the city and London Road.

Michael Kent from St Peter’s said queues were as far back as Spire South Bank Hospital when he joined the traffic on Friday.

He said: “It took just one car turning the right indicator on to stop all the cars from behind getting through. You just couldn’t get past it.

“I thought it was just silly to do that. It just seemed as though it hasn’t been thought through.

“It was pretty ridiculous. It’s something that seemed to have been quite easy to solve.

“If the disruption does carry on and it stays like that then it’s a bit of a self-inflicted issue by the council.

“The council have not covered themselves in glory with roadworks and this just seems to be the latest chapter.

Jon Fraser, head of highways at Worcestershire County Council, said the work in Sidbury did require lane closures throughout the summer but the council was doing its best to minimise disruption.

Temporary traffic lights fitted over the weekend were due to go live today (July 9) and should synchronise with the new road layout.

The highways boss said disruption was expected but the work needed to be carried out.

The council has said most of the daytime work would be carried out during the school holidays to minimise disruption. A number of overnight closures are also due to take place.

The roadworks in Sidbury are part of a multi-million county council project to tackle congestion.

Worcestershire County Council pledged £5 million alongside £6.6 million from the Department for Transport to make a number of much-needed improvements across the city.

The work at Sidbury includes replacing a 50-year-old traffic light system, extending approach lanes in City Walls Road and installing a new signal-controlled pedestrian crossing across Commandery Road.