A RECYCLING worker seen putting recycling waste into black bags did so 'in error', a council has said.

A councillor investigated after a member of the public claimed that they'd seen waste intended for recycling, left at a county park, instead being put into black bags for landfill.

The incident happened at Droitwich Lido Park in Worcester Road.

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However, Phil Merrick, head of economy and environment for Wychavon District Council, said: “This was an error, our contractor has been informed and recycling sacks are now being used.

“One of the major issues we have with our street and park recycling points is contamination - people simply putting the wrong thing in the wrong bin. This can include anything from food waste to non-recyclable items.

"If a bin is so heavily contaminated with non-recyclable items that it can’t be sorted out then unfortunately it will end up being combined with general waste and sent to the Energy from Waste Plant at Hartlebury, where it will be burnt to generate electricity.

"It is a very sad fact that more often than not the quality of items put into on-the-street recycling bins isn’t of sufficient quality to be sent for reprocessing into new products. This is already something we have identified as needing improvement. We will also be looking at improving the appearance of and information on the existing bins so people understand what can go in there.”

Alex Sinton, councillor for Droitwich East, said: “Part of the problem is members of the public often put rubbish in the wrong bins resulting in contamination."