MOPEDS and off-road motorbikes have been reported plaguing a housing estate.

Eyewitnesses have seen motorbikes riding footpaths on The Westlands estate, Droitwich.

District councillor for the Droitwich West ward, George Duffy, said: “It’s unfortunate people feel the need to ride in this way and I support the police on being tough on the riders.

“I urge any resident who spots anti-social riding to report it to the police immediately.

“I’ve received reports of anti-social driving on the estate before from residents on the estate but this is the first I’ve heard about anti-social motorbike riding.

“I think the weather has a part to play in people’s choices as when it’s hot people want to get outside.

“I’ll bring this up as a topic for discussion at the next full council meeting.”

The issue has prompted outcry from residents on the Spotted Droitwich Facebook group.

Jennifer Louth said: “If it’s the same ones as by me they ride on paths stupidly fast, nearly had a few near misses with my children.”

Nicky Blackmore added: “Yeah - keep hearing them at the back of my house.”

Kieran Holden Trossell said “Have they got nothing better to do - find a field instead of riding on a path.” Police have taken one bike so far.

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A police spokesman for Droitwich Town West, said: “Over the last few weeks we have received reports of mopeds and off road motorbikes driving dangerously and anti socially around The Westlands estate.

"This sort of behaviour has caused distress to local residents going about their everyday life.

"We urge residents if they see it, to report it to Police immediately giving as much information about the bike and rider as possible to allow police to act swiftly.”

The spokesman added that with the summer weather, more children will be playing outside, increasing the risk of injury from anti-social riders on the estate.

Anyone witnessing anti-social riders can contact the police on 101.