A gull trapped in netting in the city centre has been euthanised.

RSPCA inspector Glenn Baird, arrived at the back of the Marks and Spencer store adjacent to New Street near to The Shambles, Worcester, just before 3pm.

Mr Baird used a long pole with a net attached to gently secure the bird before cutting it free.

He said: "It was not a difficult rescue but it will need to be humanely destroyed."

On closer inspection, 'Gary' the gull was found to have a broken wing and a broken leg - impossible for this type of bird.

Eagle-eyed animal-lover Owen Wheeler, 27, spotted the gull at around 2:30pm and contacted the Worcester News.

He said: "People are gathering and the bird is getting distressed.

"It's been there for about an hour and I think it's accepted its fate."

The bird was euthanised off site.