ANTI-SOCIAL drivers have been warned by police about using car parks belonging to a church and supermarket in St Peter’s as ‘racetracks’.

An apparent drug dealing incident at the Baptist Church has also been reported to police, with officers hoping it was an”isolated” occurrence.

Section 59 warnings have been issued to five car owners in relation to the manner of their driving in the church’s carpark and nearby Tesco supermarket, both off St Peters Drive.

The warning is initially issued to allow the motorist to make adjustments to their driving style or to their vehicle but if there are any further complaints, the police can seize it.

Church operations manager Tim Breed believes he has seen several “dodgy deals” in the Eden Close car park, often in broad daylight.

“A car pulls in and someone stays in it even though it’s boiling hot and waits 30 minutes, another car comes and they hand them something, then both steam out together,” he said, adding: “You can’t prove it but what else could it be?”

Referring to the racing, he continued: “The cars drive around at all speeds, over the grass and down the little slope. When it’s wet, especially, they try to slide and drift.”

The church is used throughout the day for numerous community groups, meaning young children and their mums are often being faced with the ‘boyracers’.

Mr Breed said the cars meet at “all times of day” but in particular from around 3 or 4pm, when children are walking home from school, and then later into the night, “which really annoys the neighbours”.

He said a resident has asked for a barrier to be put up, but “we can’t do that” as it’s partly owned by the village hall and is “an open car park that all people can access any time”.

However, the car park is covered by CCTV cameras, with footage having been sent to police in relation to the racing, which has led to the formal warnings being issued, well as two further notes offering “suitable words of advise”.

PC Louise Steele said Battenhall and Nunnery Safer Neighbourhood Team received complaints relating to “vehicles driving in an anti-social manner” in the two car parks.

One caller’s report described cars “revving their engines, shouting and doing doughnuts”.