THERE are “no specific plans” for a multicultural event in Lowesmoor, the city council has said.

During Saturday’s multicultural picnic in Cripplegate Park council community cohesion officer Basia Ligas revealed discussions had been held regarding a potential event or festival in the area to celebrate ethnic diversity.

Lowesmoor boasts a diverse mix of ethnicities and the food on offer reflects that, which could make a good spot for a festival, said Ms Ligas, originally from Poland.

A festival there would help to “expose people to what’s there, in terms of food and culture”, she said.

“People are interested in ethnic foods, but as much as British people will eat international cuisine, I don’t know how many go do their food shopping in Lowesmoor.”

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However, when asked about the possibility of such an event by the Worcester News, a council spokesman said “there’s not really much we can say at the moment”.

“Ideas for holding events in Lowesmoor and several areas of the city have been discussed, but there are no specific plans at the moment,” they added.

The multicultural picnic, arranged by the council and Fortis Living, encouraged people of all ethnic backgrounds to attend and share food from their roots.

“There’s not really an outlet in Worcester that allows us to promote communities,” said Ms Ligas. “We wanted to show that everyone who lives here is not an enemy but a friend. We all want to be part of the community.”

Having lived in the UK for 11 years, Ms Ligas said while the country is particularly multicultural, “after Brexit there’s been so much uneasiness”.

She said while there are already well-established communities for nationalities like Bangladesh and India in the city, Eastern European countries don’t have this.