MYSTERY surrounds the repainting of a traditional English phone box.

Villager Martin Kelly, 49, noticed two workman painting the phonebox on the Wadborough Road in Littleworth near to Norton.

What drew his attention was the new colour - blue - the same shade as a Tardis as depicted in the popular sci-fi series Doctor Who.

Mr Kelly said: “I asked them what they were doing and they told me that either a defibrillator or a fire extinguisher will be fitted and that’s the reason for the blue paint.

“They came back the next day to repaint it a darker shade of blue.

“Their van had no livery.”

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Discussion with the fire service and organisations responsible for installing defibrillators has led to a dead end.

There is already a defibrillator installed at the community hall in the village

British Telecom (BT) has its Adopt a Kiosk scheme, whereby a community can take ownership of one for £1 - but BT have no record of this having taken place.

Mr Kelly added: “If it’s for a defibrillator that’s fine but why does it need to change colour.

“Phone boxes in England are red and I think this takes away from the rural look of the area.

If anyone can shed light on the blue colour scheme, call 01905 742254.