THE “wanton and senseless” attack on a kids’ mud kitchen at a school has led to outcry from readers.

Staff and pupils discovered their forest school area had been obliterated when they arrived at the start of a new day at Kempsey Primary School.

The mud kitchen was replaced the next day by a kind pupil - Tia- but readers did not hold back with their opinions on the Worcester News Facebook page.

Jane Brooks said: “Vile yobs -run away like the cowards you are.

“It must be locals in Kempsey so maybe a few parents should find out what their kids have been up to.

“Lovely gesture from Tia to donate her own kitchen, they’re lovely.”

Shakayla Bailey said: “That’s absolutely disgusting - flipping cowards.”

John Oliver added: “Local kids acting like brainless yobs.”

Kaxenia Cherry Kristelle said: “This is what happens though.

“Kids have got nothing better to do.

“I feel sorry for everyone, even the vandals, they must have sad, pointless lives to find this entertaining.”

Lucie Hempstock also offered a replacement.

She said: “Can any one from the school get in touch about the mud kitchen - I’ll get my partner to build them a new one.”

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Headteacher Bryony Baynes said: "I was in the pub today for a meeting and the waiter who served us said he was an ex pupil of Kempsey High School and at the time he told me he was willing to offer help to restore the mud kitchen.