ISOLATION and loneliness are said to be among the most pressing problems facing many in our society at the moment, particularly the elderly, so it is pleasant to be able to record that one of our civic leaders is doing something about it.

Richard Udall’s idea for ‘happy to chat’ benches is one that will hardly cost any money, but may be surprisingly effective.

Not everyone likes pubs and other licensed premises as venues for meeting people, so an alternative will be welcome.

On a different topic, it is good to be able to congratulate the Bennett family for its century-long contribution to the agricultural and commercial life of the Faithful City.

Bennetts Dairies is a name that has been known to generations of Worcester residents, and in the present day, when localism and food miles are much-discussed topics, we are lucky to have such an enterprise on our doorstep.

Long may the Bennett family, which has also diversified into tourism and other fields, prosper.