A WOMAN attacked her neighbour and his house guest after going round to collect a key she had left at his house.

Gemma Payne 24, pleaded guilty to assault by beating two men at a Worcester home.

At Worcester Magistrates Court, Nicola Ritchie, prosecuting, said: “Officers were informed of an assault that had taken place in Worcester.

"On arrival, they were approached by the defendant who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, she was shouting that her neighbours had got her key.”

The flat belonged to Callum Jones, Payne’s neighbour, and Luke Jones was staying there for the evening when the attack took place on Saturday June 8.

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Miss Ritchie continued: “They had come back from a night out and found her outside. They went into her flat.”

The court heard the group then went back to Callum’s flat and drank alcohol.

Payne, of Britannia Road, Worcester was looking around the flat and couldn’t find her keys, before the men asked her to leave.

Miss Ritchie said: “They went to bed then an hour later they were woken by loud banging on their door.

"The victim states the defendant was shouting ‘where’s my key?’ She kept shouting about her key saying she couldn’t find it.

"Callum asked her to leave but states she then pushed him so he fell backwards.”

Payne then slapped Callum on his right jaw.

The court heard he again asked her to leave and she left the property shouting and screaming.

But when Luke came to the door, Payne started verbally abusing and swearing at him.

When he asked her to calm down, she punched him with a clenched fist in the stomach.

He did not have any injuries from the assault.

Payne has seven previous convictions, the last dating back to 2017.

Barry Newton, defending, said: “It is clear that they were drinking, having returned from a night out.”

Mr Newton pointed out that Payne had had issues in the past but added: “She has a tenancy, her consumption of alcohol has reduced.

"She is in receipt of universal credit. She is doing very well currently.”

Magistrate Simon Freebairn told Payne: “We have taken into consideration your early guilty plea.”

Payne was fined a total of £425 including £50 each compensation to each victim and £325 costs.