MORE still needs to be done to curb anti-social cyclists and skateboarders, says the county cabinet member for highways, after a mum and baby were almost struck by a stray skateboard.

Councillor Alan Amos, who recently had signs put up in Cathedral Square warning cyclists and skateboarders are banned during the working day, said “it’s a growing problem” and needs stamping out.

The three-month-old child was being held by her mum, who did not wish to be named, when the skateboard came “hurtling at speed” towards their outside table at Pizza Express on Tuesday.

Cllr Amos said: “It won’t be long before all partners involved, city council, police etcetera, have to get together and find a way to give greater attention and better enforce the issue.”

The ban, which has been in place since at least 1990, runs from 10.30am until 4.30pm.

“We need to make sure it’s a quiet area for people wanting to wander around and relax, but it will become a no-go area if we leave it to skateboarders and cyclists doing silly tricks,” the councillor added.

The baby’s grandmother, who was also at the table, said the board came “under the awning and smashed into the wall of the building”.

“This incident absolutely shook us, as if I had not warned her and it hit her she may have been injured or even dropped the baby,” said the child’s grandmother, who also wished to remain anonymous.

The boarder, estimated to be in his mid-twenties, was apparently very apologetic.

She went on to say, the waitress and restaurant manager said the issue of bikes and skateboards using the plaza “as a play area has caused many a problem” and has been raised with the authorities.

“With the summer holidays approaching is the council waiting for an accident to happen before tackling the problem?”

She said it “could have ended in a very different way”.

A city council spokesman said: “We have recently consulted residents on whether skateboarding should be included in a Public Space Protection Order that would ban a range of anti-social behaviour in the city centre.” A report on the outcome of the consultation is expected to go to the Communities Committee in October.