A MEMORIAL remembering those killed and injured in the city by German bombers during WW2 has received the backing of the council.

A 'park of peace' will be built to commemorate the seven people killed and 50 injured in St John's when a lone German bomber hit the old Meco works in Bromyard Road on October 3, 1940.

The Meco bombing, which also destroyed a number of houses, was the only attack to cause a loss of life in Worcester during the Second World War.

The public memorial will be built in Sanctuary Park in St John's - green space that was controversially handed over to Fortis to build affordable housing after a long battle between residents, the city council and the housing association.

Councillor Richard Udall said the bombing was "still talked about and very much remembered" in St John's but the memory of the dead and injured was only kept alive by those who survived.

He said: "It is time we did more. It is time that we acknowledge the dead, memorialise them and celebrate the peace that has existed for the past 75 years in Europe.

"This will enable us to remember the dead, honour their memory, to respect the work they did for liberty and freedom and the sacrifices made by the Worcester community during the time of war.

"The park will be small but the message will be huge."

Cllr Matt Lamb said it was important to formally commemorate the bombing.

He said: "This park of peace, open and accessible to all, will evoke the very community spirit which sustained people throughout the war."