SIR – Walking along the riverside I was amazed to see the river is back to the summer level.

It seems only a few days ago it was running ten feet above normal, carrying loads of debris all getting caught up at Worcester Bridge, including tree trunks and plenty of plastic bottles which had to be moved by crane on to lorries.

Also, when in flood which can be several times a year, a lot of soil from bank erosion and farmland carried by streams which are also in flood and running into the river, reducing the capacity.

For decades the dredger no longer plies the river removing silt on to barges to be spread on fields.

We are lucky to have the river running through Worcester and creating activities like the Rowing Club, Canoe Club and Fishing.

There is an idea put forward to have rowing boats for the general public to hire.

For many decades Mr. John Morris had a boating station at the top end of Pitchcroft which gave much pleasure in the 50s.

My friends, Dave Preece and Geoff Disley would take a rowing boat up the river to The Camp pub and have a few drinks and row back when it was quite dusk.

Halcyon days long gone.

It was sad news to hear of the tragic drownings and as a new camera has been fitted to the Hylton Road side of the Sabrina Bridge it will hopefully reveal what happened.