LITTER is becoming an issue in a popular park.

Droitwich’s Lido Park has many visitors and rubbish shown in this photograph was found discarded in the field area - which appears to be food packaging - on the outer boundary line.

Alex Sinton, councillor for Droitwich East, said: “I would urge anyone not to touch rubbish if they find it as it could contain hazardous waste such as used syringes.

“Always report a find to either Wychavon District Council or the town clerk who will gladly pass on any concerns and the issue will be dealt with swiftly.

“In the park itself, I visited it today after a large number of visitors enjoyed the park over the weekend and I found it be very clean and everyone appeared to have used the bins provided.

“Towards the Petersfield Drive side of the park [eastern side], there are not so many facilities and I’ve heard reports of some people having bbqs which are banned and leaving a mess behind after them.

“I’m against any type of anti-social behaviour and if people can’t find a bin, take your rubbish home.”

The issue has caused strong reaction on the Spotted Droitwich Facebook group, with some people believing wildlife could be responsible.

Hannah Morris said: “I live right next to the cricket pitch and yes I do think people are leaving rubbish but - I have seen a pack of foxes literally pulling things out of the bins causing a right mess.”

Others blame the attitude of some people.

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Nick Hill said: “Some people are just too lazy to walk the extra couple of yards.and put the rubbish in the bin.

"I bet they would soon moan if you dropped litter on their garden.”

Sarah Doughty Brooks said: “I cleared a six pack of coke cans and the box from the floor near a park bench in vines park a few days ago. Some people just don’t give a damn.”

An unnamed individual posted on the Facebook group: “Once again my brother and I have cleaned up all the rubbish left.

"I'm getting sick of having to clean it up but I know if I don't it will probably get left.

"Can whoever's doing this just not.”