SO the once unthinkable has become a reality.

Boris Johnson has been elected the new Tory leader and later today will no doubt speak outside Number 10, making his first speech as Prime Minister.

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It is a prestigious post few have held, and seeing Mr Johnson on the podium in his acceptance speech yesterday was a surreal experience. The amount of times Mr Johnson has come back from the death, when his political careers has been in tatters, is astonishing. For his political opponents it must feel like nothing ever sticks.

After being famously betrayed by Michael Gove and quitting the last leadership contest, many assumed that was his last chance at the top job he has always wanted.

Theresa May's move, to keep her enemies close through offering him the Foreign Secretary position, might have seemed a politically clever move. Her thinking would have been its better to have him being critical on the inside, then causing disruption on the outside. It was move that ultimately backfired as it kept him in the public conciousness long enough for him to have a powerful resignation, when May's government began to crumble while her Brexit deal suffered big Commons defeats and was rejected by the public.

It was in that political climate, the Brexit uncertainty and the extensions, that created the conditions for him to achieve his victory. Mr Johnson's hardline commitment to leaving this time round, and appearing to rule out a further extension past October 31, will have played well to the Tory supporters he had to win over these last few weeks.

He has 100 days to now deliver on that promise and many will wonder if that is even possible. If it is true, as he has stated, that he would prefer to leave with a deal - is there enough time for negotiations to be completed with the EU? I suspect not and so Boris' team will be stepping up no deal preparations as that is the route he will look at, to "get Brexit done" as he calls it. That stance is already causing friction among some Tory MPs, but Conservative voters who wanted to see the referendum result respected will welcome it.

Will their support be enough to win an early general election, which I'm convinced Mr Johnson will now have to call? As with everything, time will tell.

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