A DAD is frustrated after claiming a surveyor incorrectly inspected his home which will now cost him thousands of pounds to re-plaster all the walls.

Mark Ryland alleges that Clarke and Jay Surveyors inspected his property, that he subsequently bought, and marked the internal walls as Condition rating 1 which is defined as ‘no repair is currently needed.'

Mr Ryland, aged 43, said: “We started decorating the house and took the wallpaper off and it became apparent that the plaster will need to be replaced as it has blown. When the plaster comes off the amount of dust that comes off is unimaginable. We are yet to go through the hard bit. The bill doesn’t compensate the fact that we will live in a complete mess and it will disrupt our lives.

“When you look at the walls closely you can see big cracks behind the wallpaper. It’s fair to say they missed it and an incorrect inspection took place. If the report stated the walls needed to be re-plastered, we would not have bought the house.

“It’s frustrating. I want Clarke and Jay Surveyors to be held responsible. They should be picking up the entire bill.”


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Prior to the inspection in September 2018, Mr Ryland alleges he asked the surveyor to check the condition of the plaster on the internal walls, following his parents who had purchased a similar style and age property and had been forced to re-plaster the entire house.

So far, Mr Ryland claims he has paid £2,150 to re-plaster his two sons’ bedrooms, the spare bedroom and kitchen.

He claims the quote to re-plaster the rest of the house is £6365.

Mr Ryland says he will be issuing a formal complaint to Ombudsman Services.

A spokesman from Clarke and Jay Surveyors said: “We have many thousands of satisfied customers and therefore take any complaint very seriously. We surveyed Mr Ryland’s house in September last year and have recently received a complaint with regard to internal plasterwork. We have visited the property and met with Mr Ryland to try and resolve the matter.

“The property is in the process of being renovated with internal alterations and some re-plastering work in progress.

"Following careful consideration we found that we did not agree with the complaint but sent Mr Ryland details of a free impartial review of all of the evidence via CEDR (Centre for effective Dispute Resolution).

“We are surprised that Mr Ryland has not followed the complaint resolution process as we are happy to be bound by any independent review. We would urge Mr Ryland to follow the proper process so this can be fairly dealt with as soon as possible.”