CUSTOMERS have called for an online booking system at Droitwich Spa Lido after huge crowds queued in scorching temperatures for hours before being told it was at full capacity.

A photo showing a lengthy queue of people waiting to get into the public salt water swimming pool was shared on social media on Tuesday, with temperatures approaching 30°C.

While Droitwich Spa Leisure Centre & The Lido informed its Facebook followers at midday that the facility was “currently at maximum capacity” and would be letting people in on a “one-out, one-in basis”.

People were reportedly queuing as early as 8am, despite the lido not opening for business until 10am.

Denise Banner, on Spotted Droitwich, questioned why an online system isn’t introduced “even if it’s for half the places” because the queue would move faster and people would “commit to going even if the weather changes”.

“I will not spend two hours of my precious day off in a queue in this heat especially if not guaranteed to get in,” she continued.

“Can you imagine with kids in tow too and all the stuff you need to spend the day there? I would really love to go but that wait is ridiculous.”

Others, responding to the Lido’s Facebook post, also asked about the possibility of booking via the website, including Hannah Walton whose husband and son had queued for “hours” but left due to the queue not moving.

“It just puts us off going, which is a shame. They’d have been waiting hours with one-in one-out as people aren’t going to be leaving in this heat.”

Maria Rosser said she and those she knows have avoided the facility for the last couple of years due to the queues.

“Pay in advance to increase speed of checking everyone in,” she added.

Other people suggested customers should have limited time slots to use, like at some other similar facilities, “at least everyone gets to have a few hours in the lido”, said Valerie Buijnsters.

Gordon Looby said: “I’ve never understood why they don’t do a morning session & then an afternoon session.”

Wychavon Leisure did not respond before we went to print.