A COUNCILLOR has praised the police for taking “decisive action” against anti-social drivers.

Andy Roberts, who represents Warndon on the county and city councils, said residents had come to the end of their tethers due to the ‘boyracers’ coming off the M5 onto the A4440.

Having contacted South Worcestershire Superintendent Damian Pettit, the councillor said police worked quickly, going a long way to “stopping the problem at the source”.

On July 17, policing Team A conducted a “high visibility police presence” along the A-road, which runs alongside Warndon before swerving by St Peter’s and looping into Rushwick.

A photo of several police cars parked up at KFC in Blackpole Road was posted to Twitter by South Worcestershire Police, “tackling anti social use of vehicles” along the A4440.

Cllr Roberts understands over one night, police conducted 106 vehicle checks, including six ‘stop checks’ of cars coming off the A-road around Nunnery Way and the fast food restaurant.

As a result, three were reported for motoring offences, two vehicles were seized and one arrest was made, under suspicion of driving under the influence, he said.

Cllr Roberts, who is also county cabinet member for children and families, has appealed to people to support officers with “reports and intelligence”.

He said residents have been “suffering” cars racing near their homes as well as gathering at the likes of KFC carpark for months.

“There’s no problem at all if people want to gather and show off their cars, but it’s the racing and the noise people don’t like.

“A lot of people started getting frustrated and thought nothing was being done, so I contacted the superintendent for the area, and I have got to say the action they have taken must be congratulated.”

He went on to say: “I know this won’t stop people racing up and down that road completely, but it has made a tremendous difference.”

The councillor said it has also “restored confidence in a lot of people” but he does not believe a banning order is appropriate because if you prevent car enthusiasts gathering in “one place they move somewhere else”.

“A lot of them race down from the motorway and into the city. It’s stopping the problem a the source.”