A VIDEO of a man being wrestled to the ground by police after apparently resisting arrest, while further drama unfolds as neighbours gather, has created a storm on social media.

Christina Elizabeth Ox posted the video, which apparently took place in Warndon, to Facebook on July 21 and it was quickly shared to The Only Way is Tolly and other groups.

The unknown man, wearing a dark Adidas hoodie and grey joggers, is seen being held down by four officers, as the female camera operator approaches, having already shown three police cars and a police van parked nearby.

Other people have already gathered as an officer shouts at the man: “Put your hands behind your back!” while one of the civilians tells them to: “Get off him.”

A man can be heard telling the camera operator to make sure she’s filming, to which she responds by describing the incident as “police brutality, look at it”.

Up to a dozen officers are shown to have descended on the scene, surrounded by agitated members of the public, many of whom are filming on their phones, while a dog can be heard barking loudly.

As the man, having been handcuffed, is taken into a police van, someone says: “He can’t breathe. Take the jumper off!”

Officers are then told that a woman in the home outside where the arrest took place needs door keys off the culprit otherwise she’ll be trapped inside.

One person tells officers “you are holding her hostage”, adding: “It’s false imprisonment.”

A woman says: “She is locked in the house, she can’t get out! She needs the keys.”

She then begins to say: “If she has to go into hospital and she can’t get out, then...” before trailing off.

An officer heads over to the house and tells a woman at an upstairs window that “we will bring the keys to you” to which she says: “No, go get the keys now.”

She adds she needs her keys and phone.

The officer then picks up and wheels away a bicycle which has been laid on the front lawn throughout the incident.

The video has the caption ‘Only in Warndon’.

Commenting, Linda Berry asked: “Does it really need eight coppers to arrest one person?”

Lauren Roberts responded: “Probably does if they resist arrest.” Police were unavailable for comment.