A MAN who is shown being arrested in a viral Facebook video was in breach of a court order and had jumped from a first floor window in an attempt to escape police.

Following his arrest, Josef Amiche accepted a charge of breach of a domestic violence protection notice, and was subsequently fined £200 by magistrates.

As previously reported, the video shows the 27-year-old, wearing a dark Adidas hoodie and grey joggers being held down by up to five officers as he is cuffed and then taken into a police van.

Several residents gather, creating more drama, with the camera operator suggesting it is an example of "police brutality".

Others present argue with officers that the female occupant of the home outside which Amiche was arrested needs her house keys from him, with one saying, “you are holding her hostage”, adding: “It’s false imprisonment.”

Christina Elizabeth Ox originally posted the video to Facebook on July 21 and it was quickly shared to The Only Way is Tolly and other groups.

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West Mercia Police PC Allan Figueiredo has since said police had been called to the property in Warndon following reports of "screaming and shouting" and therefore "concern for the occupants".

Officers attended but were refused entry before establishing that Amiche was breaching an order by being at the property, as well as being in the company of the female occupant.

"It was also established that there were two dogs in the property, one of whom had previously attacked an officer," he continued.

"Officers tried to negotiate with the male occupant to open the door and allow officers access but he refused."

Up to a dozen officers surrounded the home and Amiche "attempted to escape by jumping out of the rear of the property", which is on the first floor.

He was detained and arrested for breaching the court order but "offered some resistance", said PC Figueiredo, "which is why officers had to use proportionate and necessary force".

"Due to the gathering crowd the arrested male was removed from the scene and searched nearby in order to return a key to the property.

"The key was located and then returned to the female occupant within minutes."

Amiche was in court the next day.