A SEVEN-year-old girl has made a video to tell off people who constantly allow their dogs to foul outside her home.

Hannah Clissett hopes to embarrass anti-social dog owners into picking up their pet's mess after her little sister has stepped in dog poo several times.

She created an ‘anti dog foul’ video and made a poster which she has pinned to her front gate to warn dog owners not to leave mess on the pavement.

Mum Rebecca Clissett says dog fouling has become a ‘big problem’ outside the family home in Laugherne Road, St John's, Worcester.

Mrs Clissett, aged 40 said: “My daughter is really upset about it and she is concerned about people treading in the mess.

“My three-year-old, Zoe, has stepped in it a few times. She hasn’t got great eyesight, she has to wear glasses, so if she walks ahead of us, she treads in it.

“Hannah wants to raise awareness of the problem and take positive action. She loves a good cause. She was her science ambassador at school this year. I think she got the idea because they did environmental posters at school.

“People have been stopping to read the sign. Hopefully it will embarrass the people who keep allowing their dogs to foul outside our house.

“There is a bin nearby, it’s not specifically for dog fouling, but people use it for disposing their dog’s mess. There’s no excuse really.”

Mrs Clissett is campaigning for signs to be placed around the area warning dog owners to pick up their pet’s waste. Mrs Clissett says that the family had even considered installing a CCTV system at their home.

Mrs Clissett added: “It’s just the lack of respect outside our property. Ultimately, we live in the same community. They wouldn’t allow this to happen outside their house. This week we have had the same dog foul twice either side of the gate, which is the main entry point to our house. I will keep more of an eye out, as this is happening quite frequently now.

“Obviously there is the bad smell too. So when the children walk in it and bring it into the house it’s difficult to clean up. It’s not hygienic.”

A City Council spokesman said: “Worcester City Council always encourages dog owners to act responsibly and we have the power to issue fines of £70 to those who do not clean up after their pets. Dog owners who do not pay could be taken to court and fined up to £1,000.

“We have received a report about dog fouling in Laugherne Road and one of our street cleansing team will ensure it is cleared away today.

“We will consider installing signs in the area to warn dog owners that they could be fined.

"We will also consider a dedicated dog bin, however there are several litter bins in Laugherne Road and the surrounding area where bagged dog waste can be disposed of.

“Residents can help us to identify offenders by reporting dog fouling incidents at worcester.gov.uk/report-it.

"Let us have the date, time and location of the offence – and any information on the identity of the irresponsible dog owner – and we will aim to take action against them.”