A WINDOW cleaner stuck in a cherry picker outside a Worcester gym was rescued by firefighters.

The man was cleaning the gym’s windows when he got stuck 10 metres off the ground in the cherry picker’s cage.

Rafał Pluta, who was training at Pure Gym, in St Martin’s Gate, said: “I noticed two fire engines arrive just outside the window. Then I’ve noticed this poor fella on the lift.


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“He was a window cleaner who couldn’t move his basket or the lift.

“After about 20 minutes this guy was on the ground.”

Two crews were sent by Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service at 11.15pm on Wednesday, July 31.

It is understood the emergency stop button was knocked.

Police were also there and closed Pheasant Street to allow the rescue to take place.

The man was freed by 1am.