CONCERNS have been raised about the state of a children’s play area in a village.

Images show the playground off Upper Wick Lane in Rushwick is in a state of neglect.

Leon Nichols, 35, from Rushwick, said: “I go down there often and the zip wire ride at one time had bark on the landing site but now it’s just rough concrete - it looks awful.

“There’s a gaping hole in the tower part - at one time I’m sure it had a perspex dome covering it.

“A child could easily fall through the hole now.

“I know there was some problems with vandalism of the benches there and the site could do with a bin for rubbish.

“The wooden posts that kids balance on are rotten too.”

The park was set up in Rushwick in 2008, after the parish council managed to lease land from Worcestershire County Council.

They were then given a £3,800 grant from the National Lottery to clear the field, have it levelled and seeded, before handing it over to Playscape.

A further £7,000 was raised by Playscape to buy and install the swings and slides.

Malvern Hills independent Cllr Daniel Walton said: “It’s a matter for Rushwick Parish Council to deal with and I know it’s something they’re looking at - I’m sure they’ve got it all in hand.”

Andrew Deakin, chair of Rushwick Parish Council, said: “We are looking into the issue with the park and it will be updated this year, working with a play equipment provider.

“The site will be enhanced and upgraded for children to enjoy.”

On the Rushwick Village News Facebook group, members have commented on the issue.

One poster said: “I would personally visit the park far more often with my two-year-old if there was more equipment aimed at toddlers.

“Lots of local parks (Lower Wick and Hallow) have great equipment for toddlers and Rushwick park sadly doesn’t compare."

Another member added: “It really is quite unsafe and something needs to be done."