‘PEDESTRIANS are risking their lives’ says a resident who is calling for a crossing to be installed outside a busy tunnel.

Laura Ward, who created the petition, claims it’s an ‘absolute nightmare’ to cross Midland Road, just before the tunnel leading to Newtown Road, in Worcester.

Miss Ward said: “Pedestrians are risking their lives every time they cross that road. For drivers it’s such a hectic junction. Drivers are looking out for other cars that they are not watching out for pedestrians.”

At the mouth of Midland Road there’s a pedestrian island, although there's no dropped kerb on the pavement either side of the crossing, which causes mobility users to go the nearest dropped kerb - at Lea and Perrins - to cross the road.

The petition calls for a crossing to be installed to improve the safety for pedestrians.

Miss Ward, aged 34 added: “It is still forcing people to believe this is the best and safest place to cross the road - it is not.

"At that point there are no less than four lanes of traffic that you have to look out for including the blind bend under the tunnels.

“This area is not only unsafe for able bodied people and children, but it is also impossible for people with disabilities.”

Miss Ward created the petition on Monday (August 5). At the time of writing this, it had received 78 signatures.


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One resident, Fiona Probert said: “I use the crossing regularly with my kids and it’s awful to try and get across with the pushchair and a pre-schooler. You have to watch the lights and wait for it to be green going up Newtown Road to be safest, but even then, it’s no guarantee that someone won’t jump the red light or speed through the junction to go up Midland Road.

“It has added difficulty with the lack of a dropped kerb, so you have to be incredibly careful with a pushchair.

“It’s impossible for wheelchair and mobility scooter users to cross without either going miles out of their way, not always possible with the amount of charge they have left on their devices, or take the risk of going on the road through the tunnel and round to the Tallow Hill crossing.”

Councillor Tracey Biggs, who represents Nunnery, said the pedestrian crossing will benefit everyone in the area.

Cllr Biggs added: “For people with a disability or with young children, this crossing is either a nightmare or impossible.”

Cllr Lynn Denham said: “Labour councillors have been asking highways to improve this junction for pedestrians for years. It is impossible to cross if you have a pushchair or use a disability scooter.

“County highways say that ‘this is not a crossing’, which is a nonsense when it so clearly is.

"Cllr Paul Denham has asked the corporate equality and diversity manager to liaise with the highways department to help make progress. There has still been no response to this request after four months.”

A spokesman for Worcestershire County Council said: “All petitions that are submitted to us are considered and are responded to appropriately.”

Cllr Alan Amos, cabinet member for highways, said: “I am aware of the situation by the tunnel. It’s not satisfactory and officers are looking at what can be done.

“This is a problem that needs to be addressed. I understand the concerns and I sympathise with them.”