A GRIEVING family are appealing to get their dog back after putting him into the care of a rescue centre following the death of a family member.

Jan Bennett decided to put the family’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bronson, in care after her 46-year-old son, Stuart, died in May following a long-term illness.

Mrs Bennett, aged 68, says she feels devastated following the discovery that the family pet of 11 years has been rehomed, despite them fighting to get him back.

Mrs Bennett said: “We have not only lost our son but also we have lost our family pet. We all miss him terribly.


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“My family were very distressed and had numerous things to deal with. As time past, and all matters relating to my son’s death were dealt with, we realised we had made the decision to give Bronson up at a time when we were not able to see that things would get easier. In hindsight we now know we made the wrong decision, although at the time believed it to be the right one for Bronson.”

The family decided to put Bronson in the care of the Senior Staffy Club, based in Worcester, where he could get the “attention he needed.”

The family had 11-year-old Bronson since he was a puppy, and he’s described as a “cracking dog.”

Mrs Bennett added: “We desperately want Bronson home with us and don’t understand why they made the decision not to place him back with his family.

“We are left totally devastated that they rejected our application with no reasons why given to us. We are willing to do anything to get our boy Bronson back home with us.”

The family contacted the Senior Staffy Club and expressed their desire to have Bronson return home, where they were told to complete an application and were placed on the list.

Last Monday (July 29) the family received a call stating that they had some interest regarding Bronson, but they were still being considered. However, by Wednesday, the family were told that Bronson had been rehomed.

Mrs Bennett said: “We were willing to pay all the necessary fees to have Bronson back home with us, his family.”

Bronson is a black and white Staffy, with a black face and white body. He has a distinctive big black spot on his back, and multiple smaller spots surrounding.

The Senior Staffy Club declined to comment.