YELLOW road markings painted on a town road has been done in 'error'.

The traffic restriction measure on the High Street in Pershore earlier in the week, near to a well used parking bay area.

Such lines show parking is not permitted at most times of the day.


Worcestershire County Council

spokesperson said “We are aware of some recent markings on Pershore High Street.

"This work was done by one of our contracted road marking crews and has been undertaken in error.

"The contractor is aware and planning its rectification.”

Dan Boatright, councillor for Pershore, said: “Can workmen not read simple instructions?”

“I’ve just been down to the High Street to look at the issue and I’m confused as either someone was told to double yellow paint the whole road, which I think is very unlikely or someone has not read the instructions for the job correctly.

“At the moment I’m not sure we can enforce any of it in terms of parking restrictions.

“It’s unclear - can we park in the bays still or not or are they yellow lines just for the main road.

“I think looking at it the parking bays are still able to be used but noone wants a ticket.

“It’s holiday time now and it doesn’t look good for the tourists visiting the town and it is not good for anyone.

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Resident of the town, Maureen Brewster said: “ If the lines on the edge of the pavement had been wanted we would have to wait for six months.

“I just hope we don’t have to wait that long for them to be removed.”

Jean Ann Bayles said: “I think it was done deliberately to see if it stops people parking where they don’t need to.”