FOR many people, the idea of going to the dentist for an operation only for something to go wrong mid drilling is the stuff of nightmares.

But for Kenneth Taylor that nightmare became a reality when after almost an hour in the dentist's chair, he heard a loud crack inside his mouth and Dr Peter Osztrogonacz then told him he could not continue the wisdom tooth extraction.

Ultimately, the £17,500 compensation pay out the 57-year-old patient received sounds somewhat low considering the extent of the permanent nerve damage caused and the physical agony he suffered.

The whole ordeal raises a lot of questions which not only the St John's surgery - now Bupa Dental Care - needs to answer, but the dental industry as a whole.

How much pre-planning and what regulations are in place for a procedure like this, considering part way through it was realised a specialist was needed?

It is unclear at this stage following the response from Bupa, whether an internal probe has been carried out, though it is understood Dr Osztrogonacz, who did not admit liability, still works there.