THE despicable actions of some dog walkers in a village has led to outrage from members of the public.

Gary Crellin, vicar of Powick, Callow End, Guarlford, Madresfield with Newland, said of dog waste being left at his St Peter’s C Of E Church in Powick: “I am the custodian of the yard for all those families that have entrusted their loved ones to God’s care in such a beautiful and special place.

“This is a perennial problem in the churchyard and what I saw earlier this week is the most upsetting.”

Rev Crellin felt he had no choice but to highlight the issue by posting shocking images on the Powick Village News Facebook website.

Many members on the Worcester News Facebook page have stated their strong opinions.

Steve Davies said: “I really don’t understand how they’ve gone to the trouble of bagging it but then persist in leaving it discarded on the ground or in a tree etc -disrespectful.”

Sue Turner said: “It makes me laugh as sometimes people stop and take care and take their time to bag their dogs' mess then throw it anywhere but in a church yard.

“ It shows disrespect,hanging it off a cross on someone’s grave - it is disgusting.

“Let’s hope they were attending the grave and just forgot to pick it up.”

June Lane said: “They should be banned from walking dogs though whoever did this should be made to go and clear it up as punishment.”

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Raymond Steele said: “We are now a feral country.

"Let's say thanks to the justice system.”

Terry Green said: “Some people will leave it anywhere.

“Even if caught nothing happens to them.”

Sue Faulkner Why would anyone do that - it’s outrageous.”

Rachel Ann said: “That is awful and done on purpose.

“There’s a bin, so no excuse.”

Rachel Louise Akathiotis: “Disrespect by a badly brought up person.”

Carole Newbery: “That’s someone’s resting place.

“How disgusting and shame on whoever did this.”

Mag Dutka said: Disgusting, scummy and disrespectful - morons unfortunately are everywhere.