SIR – Brexit. What a mighty waste of time and energy!

We are not in need of liberation from the EU.

‘No deal’ is not a solution but simply an event, a failure to be misrepresented in electioneering as valiantly vanquishing the Eurocrats.

Most people who voted Brexit wanted to see some control of EU immigration; they did not expect years of parliamentary paralysis or even for the union to be endangered.

Nor to be tormented daily with one Brexit story after the other for three years. Already two prime ministers have been sacrificed on the Brexit altar and a unprecedented level of abuse and threats levelled at MPs.

We are in a bad place as we witness a battle for control between the most untalented rabble to park their backsides on the green leather-covered benches.

Imagine this lot managing a real existential crisis rather than one they (and the voters) have inflicted on ourselves. Sadly, if not tragically, the dialogue of Brexit and the atmosphere around it is damaging our reputation in Europe and beyond and certainly discouraging those from the continent with required and essential skills from

settling or remaining here as well as harming potential investment.

The world is changing fast, even since 2016. It is more fragmented and more dangerous and so unity is better than isolation or division.

We aware offered an ill-thought through option rather prematurely in what history may well judge as a quite avoidable crisis.

If it all goes wrong who will be to blame?