A YOUTH club is putting a sock into homophobia by making tie-dye rainbow socks for Worcestershire Pride.

Dine Green city councillor Richard Udall was asked by Worcestershire Pride for any support he may have to offer

“Putting a sock into homophobia” Dines Green Youth Club decide to support Worcestershire pride by making tie dye rainbow socks.

Councillor Richard Udall received contact from Worcestershire Pride asking for any support that he may have to offer.

Keen to help Mr Udall spoke to the youth club who came up with the idea to create the tie dye socks themselves, giving them a great opportunity to express their acceptance and creativity.

Nervous, yet excited to give them their marvellous creations, the youth club will present the tie dye socks to the Worcester city councillors in October, being an event of high importance as Richard describes how: “it shows attitudes have changed whilst showing support and good will.”

Taking to twitter Richard expressed his delight by stating: “Great news, the Dines Green Youth club have decided to support Worcestershire pride by making tie dye rainbow socks. Putting a sock into homophobia. The socks will be presented to Worcester City councillors in October, they will be worn with pride.”

A spokesman for Worcestershire Pride said: "With all the problems around these days with prejudice and hate against the LGBTQ+ community, it’s great to see support from them and gives hope for a brighter future.

We look forward to seeing them at Worcestershire Pride.

Worcestershire pride is set to return to Worcester on Saturday, September 21 for a third year.

Mathew Skilbeck, vice chairman and sponsorship officer explains: “This is a key time for Worcestershire pride as it’s the 50th anniversary of the stonewall riots.”

People are encouraged to dress up in fancy outfits for the occasion and the youth club’s tie dye rainbow socks may help encourage this.