CONCERNS are being raised that more needles are being found on Worcester's streets in recent days.

And the chief executive of a city homeless hostel has said it is the "inescapable consequences" of more drugs coming in through county lines - where inner city drug dealers target new markets.

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Just this week a Worcester News reader found a needle left overnight outside Debenhams, and sent us a picture.

"It is dangerous," the reader said. "It is happening more and more, it is getting worse. I was going to work and found this needle on floor, it’s disgusting.

"A dog could step on it, a child could pick it up. The council workers are quick to clean them, but they should not have to."

Readers have expressed their concerns about an apparent rise in needles being left on the streets, telling us in recent weeks they have seen them outside the railway stations, and in the city centre including outside Costa and the toilets in Angel Street.

Sarah Bates said: "There was a used needle outside the Vue cinema on Thursday."

Kayleigh Henney said: "It is when they're being left everywhere outside shops, toilets, phone boxes, benches, parks - it's horrible when you have children, it need to be sorted."

Kerri Moore said: "More information needs to be put out there about needle exchange so they don’t need to be left on the streets."

Jane Brooks said: "They don't need to be left on the streets it's irresponsible idiots who dump them there.

"I can only assume addicts know the facilities for safety but choose to ignore them."

In June, the paper reported on used syringes being found near to the children’s play area in Cripplegate Park.

Jonathan Sutton, chief executive of St Paul's Hostel in Tallow Hill, said: "It is difficult not to draw the conclusion that cuts to services have a consequence, that spills out to the streets, and leads to more needles.

"St Paul's has seen Swanswell are working really hard, and the cops are doing everything they can about county lines - it is not a case the services are failing, they just need more money. "People can't get the help they need."

A Worcester City Council spokesman said: "The council’s policy is to remove drugs paraphernalia within 24 hours of notification.

"If you find a needle or syringe in a public place, please contact the city council as soon as possible by calling 01905 722233 or report it at"

West Mercia Police was unavailable for comment.

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