MORE used syringes have been found in the city.

Last week and this Monday, the Worcester News reported on an apparent increase in the number of drugs needles being found on the city's streets – and now more people are coming forward to express their concerns.

Tomas Zacharevicius, 38, said: “I found a used syringe on an alleyway leading into Shrub Hill station when I started work there at 4am. It’s shocking – kids could pick it up and get an infection.

“I came to Worcester eight years ago from Lithuania and it was nice and quiet here then. I’ve also done door security work in the city and have never seen syringes around like this before.

“I don’t touch it but report it to my manager who then goes through the proper procedure to deal with the issue.”

Brenda Lawrence, head of station for West Midlands Railway, said: “The safety and wellbeing of our passengers and staff is our top priority and we take any report of criminality at our stations extremely seriously. We work closely with the British Transport Police to tackle anti-social behaviour and we encourage any passengers who witness any form of criminal activity on or near a station to contact the police.”

City councillor Lynn Denham added: “It’s a huge worry as needles can transmit blood-borne viruses such as HIV and hepatitis.”

Jonathan Sutton, chief executive of St Paul’s Hostel in Tallow Hill, said cuts in funding for services to tackle drug abuse were partly to blame for the increase in public drug taking.

“It's difficult not to draw the conclusion that cuts to services have a consequence that spills out to the streets and leads to more needles," he said.

Commenting on the syringe found at the station, a spokesman for Worcester City Council said: “If it was on public land then we’ll deal with it but if it’s private then it’s down to the land owner and in this case that’s West Midlands Railway. If you find a needle or syringe in a public place, please contact the council by calling 01905 722233 or report it at”

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