SIR – For the past few weeks traffic through Worcester, but particularly along the Bath and London Roads has been badly affected by the ongoing roadworks at the Commandery junction.

Ten weeks we were promised.

Lo and behold, new signage has appeared, without any notification, saying these will last through to the end of September.

What a surprise!Yet again the county council traffic planners have got it wrong.

Once the schools go back it will be gridlock, do they care, of course they don’t as they are unaccountable except to the county transport committee who, under the so-called leadership of Alan Amos, couldn’t care less either.

Not once have they got anything right within living memory and this may go down as the worst yet.

I’ve said before that my four-year-old grandson could do a better job just by random guesswork and I stand by this once again.

How many more years do we have to put up with this shambles of a planning department making Worcester a laughing stock and a frankly unpleasant place to live?

The bus service has been decimated by this but then Councillor Amos and his like have never used them. County Hall is on the outskirts so who cares what goes on in the centre.

I’m sick of it and sick of them. Write to them, tell them exactly what you think of them and the mess they are making.

Make them suffer the way they make the population of Worcester suffer.

Worcester deserves better but things will never improve until the county council and the planners are changed once and for all.