A MOTHER and son were shocked after spotting a big cat they believe could be a puma in a churchyard.

Sally Williams and her son, Steve, were walking their dog in the grounds of St Peter’s C of E Church, in Powick, when they saw the large, black animal.

WARNING: Video contains expletives.

Steve, aged 37, captured a video of the large cat on his phone roaming around the churchyard at around 6pm on Thursday evening (August 22).

Mr Williams, from Bransford, said: “I noticed it run across the churchyard, and I thought it was a fox.

"I even said, ‘oh there’s a fox.’

“Then it stopped, and I saw it was some sort of big cat.

"I would say it was about medium dog sized, like a spaniel.

“After I realised it wasn’t a fox, I started videoing.”

He added: “I was a little unnerved by it, and just a bit shocked.

“My mum was a bit scared.”


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Mum Sally said: “I was quite shocked at the time.

"I wasn’t sure what it was at first.

“I thought it was someone’s dog off its lead. And the colour of it was nothing like I had seen before.

"I even wondered if it was a fox.

“It certainly was big. It’s bigger than any UK domestic cat I can find.

“It does look like it has a collar on, so if it is something like a puma it could have escaped or been let loose from someone who owned it.

“I looked up puma and it fits the description.”