ROADWORKS at Sidbury in Worcester are on track to be completed next week, the county highways chief has said.

The work includes replacing the traffic light system, extending approach lanes and installing a new signal-controlled pedestrian crossing.

But drivers are complaining that the temporary lights on site have been set to let too few cars through at a time.

Jon Fraser, head of the county's highways department, said: "Sidbury is one of the most complex junctions in the city and it was never going to be possible to carry out these necessary improvements without causing some inconvenience to road users.

"That's why we chose to carry out the work in the school holidays, and we are on schedule to complete the work involving lane closures by Wednesday, September 4.

"There will be several weeks of work after that on footways and general tidying-up, but nothing that involves any further lane closures.

"However you set the temporary lights, it's going to hold some people up. It just can't be helped."