VANDALS have hit a county town in what police are calling a “spate” of criminal damage.

A boat moored near to the British Legion in Droitwich was daubed with blue paint and the same paint was then poured over a car parked on Hampton Road just yards away moments later.

PC Darren Edmunds, who patrols in Droitwich, said: “We are treating the two acts of vandalism as connected.

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“Vandals visited the privately-owned canal barge moored up then went to where the car was parked with their tin of paint and damaged that.

“Investigations are on going and both of the owners have reported the damage to police.

“Anyone with information can contact the police on 101.”

The incidents occurred over night between Monday August 12 and Tuesday August 13.

Worcestershire County Council’s councillor Bob Brookes said: “I’m extremely disappointed with such mindless acts of vandalism.

“I’ve just come back from a citizenship ceremony, welcoming many people to Britain who want to contribute to society and work hard and then you get this sort of vandalism, working against society and against what people have worked hard for.

“I don’t understand such mindless acts.

“I would urge anyone with information on these two incidents to report it and to be on the look out for suspicious behaviour.”

For members of the public with information on damage to the barge can call 101, quoting reference number 3488 and the reference for damage to the parked car is 64S130819.