THE police have said a child who called 999 believing a team of window cleaners were burglars did “exactly the right thing”.

The boy, understood to be 15, panicked on seeing Vince Monte and his colleagues from Squeeky Cleanz outside his home, with two police cars then being dispatched to the address in Upton.

A West Mercia Police spokesman said the incident log states the boy’s mum was reassured and told “not to discourage him from calling us in the future”.

“It was a genuine call and police attended but no further action was taken,” they continued.

In the 999 call the boy had apparently said: “I think people are breaking into the property.”

The log also said the mum had told officers at the scene: “I don’t have a window cleaner.”

Sergeant Simon Hallam, from the Upton Safer Neighbourhood team, said: “I would always urge anyone who is in immediate fear for their safety to call police on 999.

“It is always better to be safe than sorry. We definitely don’t view this as a waste of time and we have advised the caller that he did exactly the right thing.”

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Mr Monte, 30, said the homeowner had signed up to the monthly cleans in March, but had continuously cancelled appointments.

In messages seen by the Worcester News, she had told him she needed to be home when they came round because “we have quite a few pets to keep safe”.

However, having not had a cancellation message in August and with her allegedly telling him in July to “do us next time” they were operating in the area, Mr Monte completed the job a week last Wednesday.

On finishing the clean around 11am, Mr Monte said the homeowner came outside and accused them of leaving her child “petrified” and said the police had been called.

The window cleaner said it was a “complete waste” of police time as they spent 45 minutes doing background checks on him and his employees. “If you book a window cleaner they will come, not really rocket science,” he said.

The Worcester News asked the homeowner for a comment but she declined.