IN the latest of her regular features on the rising stars of the local music scene, Jodie Hughes interviews Lower Loveday


Lower Loveday have really been on the rise recently – and this certainly will not stop following the release this week of single Chains.

Described as “ferocious and fantastic” by Alex Noble of BBC Introducing West Midlands, and with the demo version receiving a play on ITV, this is one catchy song with a punching rhythm and energetic basslines right from the first line.

Chains features relatable lyrics, telling of the struggle of trying to find out what to do with your life having grown up.

This track has clearly been produced to a very high standard – it’s of a quality I can imagine hearing on a major radio station (and I think this needs to happen very soon!).

If you are a fan of The Amazons or Catfish and The Bottlemen, you will absolutely love this fresh and full on track.

This is one to surely have a crowd jumping in time with the solid indie beat which will appeal to so many.

This track is a big achievement. How did the band get together?

Thank you very much! But we are very happy with the outcome of the track. But the band came together gradually it started off when me, Tom (drummer) and Mark (singer) bumped into each other in Sydney whilst travelling.

We hadn’t seen each other in over a year but had previously been best mates at school and had formed a band for a year 8 talent show (and won).

Anyway, we had a night out, started singing away – one thing led to another and we decided that when we got back we would form a band again!

And then it took a while finding the right other members for our sound, but we eventually came across Chris Francis (lead guitar) and a year later Ben Gillman (bass guitar) to finalise the lineup that is going today.

It can be hard to refine your own material to the point where it can be put out into the world like this. Tell us a bit about your songwriting process.

The songwriting process for this song was very much one of those songs that came out of nowhere, without sounding too cliché.

As soon as the melody came the song was finished very quickly. It was just then about finding the right production to bring the song to life as we knew it was a very strong catchy song.

So we did a previous version that was good, but we got approached by a production duo in Manchester to re-work the song again and now we think we’ve found the perfect blend.

What were your main influences behind this track?

This song doesn’t have any specific influences, which I think helps give it a unique sound. I remember realising this, when I was trying to work out production wise how the song should sound, and was looking for external influences, listening to all sorts of music – but nothing was quite the sound I had in my head.

But we definitely wanted a very fresh modern, indie sound – almost like if we could mix The 1975 with Arctic Monkeys.

Following the release of Chains, what can we expect from Lower Loveday?

Well, we are going to be promoting the song whilst also heading straight back into the studio in early September to work on a new single. We very much want to keep creating and releasing new music so that we can constantly grow our fan base and keep pleasing our existing fan base at the same time.

Chains was released yesterday